Workplace Stress & Resilience

From Stress To Success

This programme will show you simple and effective way to navigate through stress, anxiety and overwhelm so you and your team can thrive even during the most challenging times.

What you’ll learn here will completely shift your understanding about how stress works and what to do about it. You’ll discover a powerful new approach that will enable you to experience more wellbeing and help prevent burnout.

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This programme can be delivered online or in person

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Stress into Success programme

This programme has been developed using my evidence-based 5-step framework – offering a simple, easy-to-follow path to understanding the stress-mind connection. It combines research in the field of psychology and neuroscience with experiential learning to put the new findings into practice. The outcomes are:-

  • improved health and wellbeing
  • more engagement and motivation
  • increased energy and productivity
  • better relationships and team work
  • strengthened resilience
  • improved problem-solving
  • more confidence to face challenges
  • higher satisfaction with work
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How the programme works

The programme can be delivered on line or in person. It is usually delivered over six sessions with a mix of intellectual learning, interactive exercises and video presentations. It’s designed to be engaging and fun– so expect a bit of Christina Aguilera and some interesting props, too.

Over the six sessions, you’ll gain a new understanding of how stress works and begin to take a different, more proactive and healthy, approach to workplace challenges and difficult times.

The programme is suitable for groups between 10 and 25 people and can be tailored to a specific situation or challenge. Sessions are worked around your schedule – you may prefer a couple of sessions in one day, one session a week or for the programme to be rolled out over six months. Full programme details are outlined in the brochure.

Drop me an email if you have any questions or want to discuss further. 

"This programme is an eye-opening journey into stress. Through thoughtful bite-sized videos, exercises, and live facilitated small groups, Dorothy challenges the idea that all stress is 'bad' for you and shows how believing that will always leave us struggling against an inevitable feature of being alive.

Instead Dorothy gives an insightful understanding of how stress works, exposing our habitual attitudes and showing how stress can be a signal, a "doorway" - helping you go deeper into self-understanding. 

I recommend Dorothy's work for managers and leaders and all those who want to transform their relationship to stress.


Global Leadership and Talent Development, Bestselling Author, Speaker and Educator  

Success & Well-being

“We all have tremendous capacity for success and profound wellbeing. My job is to help people realise that.”

Dorothy Martin

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