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One Hour To Better Wellbeing

Are you looking to inspire, educate and energise your audience?

My talks are delivered in a warm and relaxed style with a touch of quirky humour. Evidence-based research is mixed with real-life stories, personal insight and some unexpected props to engage the audience.

In just 60 minutes, people will discover a different side to stress and a new way of improving their wellbeing.

All talks are suited for wellbeing and leadership events, conferences, team-building and learning and development days.

Please see my most popular talks outlined below.

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All talks can be delivered in an interactive format of a workshop or webinar.

All talks, webinars or workshops can be delivered online or in person. 

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Informative, relaxed and very relevant. Full of positive energy. Excellent!"


How To Turn Stress Into Success In Three Simple Steps

An informative, engaging and upbeat keynote to show you how stress really works and how you can harness the power of your mind to approach stress in a new way.

Durning this session, you will:-

  • discover attitudes to stress that keep us stuck in stress
  • know how to spot symptoms of stress early in ourselves and others
  • realise what really triggers stress at work and at home
  • find out how to navigate through stress in a healthy and effective way
  • learn 3 actionable steps to turn stress into calm, clarity and success 
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"There is never dull moment when Dorothy is in town! The talk on stress was absolutely excellent - arguably the best session on stress I've ever attended!"


How To Unlock Your Wellbeing Without A To-Do-List

Isn’t it interesting how we talk about wellbeing – but we focus on doing? You probably have a tick list of actions to achieve better wellbeing … but are you getting there?

In this eye-opening talk, you will:-

  • find out what wellbeing is and where it really comes from
  • discover a completely new perspective on wellbeing and learn how to unlock it
  • find out how to experience more wellbeing on a day to day basis without a 'to-do' lists
  • know how to maintain the sense of wellbeing without so much effort 
  • learn that you hold your own key to wellbeing and can unlock it right now in this moment
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"Calming, engaging, relevant. I've attended this session a few times and always take something new away."


Everything I Learnt About Burnout... And Why You Can Stop It Happening To You

Most people don’t want to talk about their experience of burnout. I do. The insight it gave me profoundly changed my understanding of stress and how to deal with it – and I want to share what I learnt to help others.

In this informative talk you will:-

  • hear a real-life story of burnout
  • find out about signs, symptoms and risks of burnout
  • find out about helpful and unhelpful ways of dealing with it
  • be surprised by a game changing revelation and key factor in recovery
  • learn how to stop burnout before it happens to you
  • know how to take charge of your own wellbeing and maintain it even during the times of change and uncertainty 
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"The keynote on burnout was excellent! We've had a great turnout and feedback was fantastic! Since the session, many employees told us how much the talk resonated with them and how much they've learned.

Dorothy has been pleasure to work with and comes highly recommended by the entire AIR PRODUCTS team.”


Tailored Wellbeing Talks Designed For Your Conference or Event

  • discover a completely fresh perspective on stress, resilience and wellbeing 
  • educate, empower and enable your audience to experience less stress and more wellbeing during challenging times 
  • find out how to navigate change and uncertainty with less stress and more resilience 
  • learn how to turn conflict into harmony and how to get the best out of people 
  • the art of listening - learn three simple steps to cultivate and nurture this superpower for deeper connections at work and in your life
  • ignite your brilliance - learn the number one – in fact the only reason - that stops everyone be their best and the unexpected key this realisation holds to unlocking five-star results
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“Friendly, engaging, informative and eye opening. I found the talk extremely helpful and worthwhile.”


“Engaging, easy to participate and fun...

Dorothy delivered a series of value-led workshops for our senior managers. She always brings fresh perspective. She challenges your assumptions. She helps you reflect deeply and understand yourself better. It was eye-opening and very helpful for everyone in our team."


HR, Royal Lancaster Hotel

“Good humour kept me engaged all the way though the session...

Dorothy delivered a keynote on stress for our Team Building event. It was such a clear way of explaining stress and in a fun way, too. Good humour kept me engaged all the way through the session. And - no power point! The feedback was excellent!"

The Principal, Chelsea Hospital School

“Feedback was overwhelmingly positive...

We engaged Dorothy to deliver a series of talks to kick start our wellbeing strategy. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Dorothy is calm, authentic and knowledgable. She brought fresh perspective on wellbeing and encouraged us to approach it in a new way.”


Finance, John Lewis & Waitrose

"As a speaker, Dorothy combines her deep knowledge of human psychology with disarming audience engagement and a fiery passion for her subject.

If you get an opportunity to experience Dorothy Martin on stage, grab it. She will change the way you see your world." 


Success & Well-being

“We all have tremendous capacity for success and profound wellbeing. My job is to help people realise that.”

Dorothy Martin

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