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Find freedom from stress, anxiety and overwhelm – in just 6 weeks! Unlock better health and wellbeing, more harmonious relationships and achieve the outcomes you really want at work and in your personal life. 

How the programme works

This six-week online programme will show you a simple and effective way to navigate through stress, anxiety and overwhelm so you can thrive even during the most challenging times.

What you'll learn here will completely shift your understanding about how stress works and what to do about it. Over six weeks, you’ll discover a powerful new approach that will enable you to experience more wellbeing and help prevent burnout.

You’ll learn how to unlock your resilience to enjoy more calm and clarity, feel renewed vitality and achieve better outcomes at work and in your personal life too.


Self-Study Programme Re-Launch in April 2024! 


Next Facilitated Group Programme - dates to be confirmed


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What’s Included in Facilitated Group Programme?

Video Content

Each week you’ll receive an email reminder to unlock your weekly learning content. The content is a mix of videos, audios, guided reflections, mini exercises and fun animations in short, easy-to-digest segments – about an hour’s worth per week in total. You can view it at your convenience and in your own time.


Once a week you’ll be invited to a group video call where we’ll take a deep dive into the programme content. During each of the 90-minute sessions, you’ll have chance to share your thoughts, ask questions and access my coaching support. All recordings will be available if you miss a week or want to view the content again.


Participants will have access to a private community forum to meet and engage with each other. This is your space to connect, share insights and experiences, receive peer support and celebrate your progress.


The programme is designed for participants to learn at their pace. And EVERYTHING is included in your Lifetime Access so you can go back to the learning and recordings of group sessions whenever you need to.

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Check out what people say ...

“Simply put - I have more energy, better sleep, migraines have eased considerably...

I've signed up for this programme because I felt I was heading towards burnout. I was feeling exhausted, had constant headaches and started to experience other physical health problems which added to stress. The programme has been extremely helpful. Simply put, I now have more energy, better sleep and I am able to navigate every day problems with more calm. My anxiety has eased. My migraines has eased. Poor concentration has eased. I am not as reactive. I am definitely heading in the right direction. It's been brilliant!”

  Holistic Yoga and Massage

“The programme has been very helpful and I don't want it to end...

I joined because I was feeling stressed, irritable and reactive. I was working very hard and was worried I am going to burn out. I found the whole programme very supportive and very helpful!! The content is great and the concepts are easy to follow. The coaching calls are both interesting and helpful to talk things through. My stress levels are so much lower. I am not as irritable and not as reactive. I feel more relaxed and positive. My relationships at work and at home improved. I recommend this to anyone who is feeling stressed, irritable, reactive and heading towards burnout.”

  Finance, Capital & Investment

“I feel calm, and fully equipped to deal with future stresses. My head is free of mayhem...

I feel calm, and fully equipped to deal with future stresses. It is just a big awakening into how stress works. The realisation that I am the source of my experience has given me 'more space' in situations that I’d typically associate as triggers. I feel more contented. I feel more powerful but not in an over domineering way, a natural way. And realising we all have different perceptions on things impacts my perception now of how I’ve been viewing things. I am more understanding and curious. I feel very connected to myself. And my head is free of mayhem!”

  Finance & Investment Advisor

Philippa Christer

Event Director - International Food & Drink

Cristiane Matsunaga

Senior Manager - Department of Work and Pensions

"One of the most insightful and engaging courses I have ever been on! It changed my life for the better...

I decided to sign up because although, I felt I managed stress well, I realised that I needed support when stress felt very personal to me and my loved one. I genuinely wanted to turn that situation around... The course has profoundly changed the way that I think about stress. It helped me to navigate my stress with more success. It profoundly changed my life for the better."

  Leadership Coach 

“This programme touched on EVERY PART OF MY LIVED EXPERIENCE...

I joined with the intention of learning how to better navigate my husband’s panic attacks. Inside the programme, I discovered how it can touch on and expand EVERY PART OF THE LIVED EXPERIENCE.

My frustration started to turn into curiosity. My nagging into asking questions. My hopelessness into connection, curiosity and humour. It was a beautiful and enriching journey."

  HR & Recruitment 

"No more waking up in sweat of anxiety and panic...

I’ve signed up to the programme because I was feeling anxious, low and felt I was heading for another burnout. I was worried because I experienced burnout 10 years ago - it was tough. 

The programme helped me to understand myself better and guided me out of stress into calm, health and balance. I don't wake up in panic any more. I started to feel better. I feel re-inspired. It was extremely helpful."

  Creative Design

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“We all have tremendous capacity for success and profound wellbeing. My job is to help people realise that.”

Dorothy Martin

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